We count with a specialized Team to successfully List and Market Bank Owned Assets. We are confident in our ability to effectively Manage and Promote these Assets to attract potential Buyers. Should you choose to collaborate with us, we assure you of our utmost dedication and professionalism throughout the process.
As part of our daily duties we offer:
                                              Same Day Occupancy status inspections
                                                            Successful Relocation Assistance
                                                              Same Day Re-key of properties
                                                         Installation of lock boxes and codes
                                                                BPO’s, Trash-outs, Boarding up
                                      Negotiation with 3rd party Contractors on bids for repairs needed

Order needed repairs on bids approved from the Asset Manager. Inspect the quality of the work done and forward the invoices to the Asset Manager for reimbursement

Manage property utilities as needed (electricity, water, gas)

Request and pay HOA maintenance in a monthly basis and submit invoices to the Asset Manager for reimbursement

Manage-maintain landscaping, pool and cleaning as needed

Send to the Asset Manager accurate and detailed reports on a weekly basis

Listing and aggressive marketing of properties including but no limited to frequently Open Houses, MLS® and Internet Listing Placement, Flyers, etc

Fast and accurate processing and submission of Offers/Contracts to the Seller

Closely work with the Asset Managers on approved Offers/Contracts to get the transaction settled in a timely manner

Assist all transaction involved 3rd parties from A to Z in obtaining a successful Closing!